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Calendar: Mongolia 2017

Untouched nature off every Having, rest and calmness, this promises Mongolia. It is alive in their simplicity, entranced by their contrasts between tradition and modern age. While the north shows breathtaking mountain landscapes and fresh pasture surfaces, the south rescues steppe, weird rock formations and the desert Gobi.

Calendar: Russia - Moscow and Golden Ring 2017

The mighty churches of the Golden Ring always interest the traveler. The old Russian architecture shows the variable past of Russia. There is the architecture in Moscow and in many cities at the river Wolga.

Calendar: Russia 2017 - towns and sceneries along Trans-Siberian

What longing, the trans-Siberian railway. The longest railroad line of the world. A life's dream comes true. It widens of the country, the Russian soul. A trip by eight time zones along the classical route of the Trans-Siberian Railway, from Moscow about the cloister of Ivolginsk, Baikal, the holy sea of the Russians to Vladivostok, 9258 kilometres.

Calendar: Silk Road 2017

Samarkand and Buchara - names from 1001 nights, grand architecture of a century-old history Central-Asia. An expedition through the northern countries Central-Asia between Uzbekistan to China. The observer succumbs to the fascination of outstanding photographies that is sedate in scene optimally. - Publications of Jan Balster

Photography, for him, is more than a profession - it is a passion. JAN BALSTER, from Dresden, Germany, is a freelance writer, travelling journalist and professional photographer, who prefers to work with simple analogue equipment. He is particularly interested in black and white photography and in FineArt prints. He is on the constant look-out for intense, lingering moments of experience - moments that prevail and continue to fascinate for many years. Out of these moments he creates his low-paced, tranquil photographs and prints held in mellow contrasts and subtle shades.

calendar: Vietnam 2014

Vietnam - a still undiscovered country. Whether on the Mekong, in Saigon or Hanoi whether in the Halong bay, the old imperial city Hue or Hoi An, Vietnam has his unmistakeable charm. This calendar shows amusing sceneries, historically unique towns at twelve affectionately well-chosen photographs. Thus the harmony from small China enchants in the south. Each leaf of the calendar is printed on both sides, a photography is in the upper area and in the low part of the calendars of the respective month. Additionally, spaces present themselves there for own enrollments sufficiently.