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TRADITIONAL ART – Unown - Pokedex Project #201

The 19th Pokemon - Unown / Icognito (#201) - for my Pokedex Project. :)Firstly, some studies as always. Everything was drawn in a DIN A5 sketchbook with a standard HB pencil and a black crayon. 2 hours.The picture is part of my Pokedex Project.

COMIC CON STUTTGART 2016 & SKETCHES – Deer Skull & 3D Attempt

Oh. My. God. Comic Con Germany and therefore my first convention appearance as an artist is over, but I am still so stunned by this memorable event!It was a huge pleasure to meet with you guys and I thank you so very much for supporting my art and me as an artist. As I sit here, flabbergasted by your kindness and the general impressions of this experience, I hope this wasn't a dream haha. Since I couldn't get an assistant for the convention, I had to stay at my stand and unfortunately couldn't go to see most of all the other great things. Nevertheless, I got to meet some really nice and talented artists as well as take some (more or less crappy) photographs with very friendly and cordially people. If you see someone you know, please link him or her!So, thank you again and have a nice time 'till we hopefully meet again next year at Comic Con 2017 ;).Aaaand of course, here are some sketches as well ;D15x15 cm deer skull sketch (I had this one with me at Comic Con).Yuri-kinda-something-sketch? Just doodling in class :DI got my hands on Autodesk Mudbox for a day, so I just had tosculpt a monster haha.

DESIGN - Pattern Book

Another project I had to make for university and during my second and third semester: a DIN A3 pattern book.Topic: birds // Technique: freeTopic: fractal // Technique: traditionalTopic: children's room // Technique: free Each week, someone of us predetermined a topic and technique for the next pattern. There were some really strange tasks like...... taking a photograph of sausages.I remember being starred at by my flat mateswhen I was coloring a sausage with an Edding.Poor (Conchita) Wurst.... or female breasts.The semolina pudding with the raspberries however, was very delicious.Topic: drugs // Technique: free(Don't do them)Topic: insects // Technique: freeTopic: typography // Technique: freeTopic: light // Technique: freeTopic: plants // Technique: freeMy favorite pattern <3Topic: video games // Technique: freeTopic: Corea // Technique: freeTopic: christmas // Technique: freeTopic: lunch // Technique: freeTopic: beer // Technique: freeA pun for the Germans among you: "Die WinkelhalBIERende".Don't ask...Topic: black & white // Technique: free

DIGITAL ART - Pop Art Vector Gronkh

I started experimenting with Adobe Illustrator (CS6). Therefore, I needed a suited model and .. oh well..Gronkh has been my victim of choice as you can see :DFirst of all, I began creating contour paths for a simple black and white outline "drawing".Based on a photograph, I vectorised the version you can see below: I then added a realistic coloration (see beginning of the post).Afterwards, well... you could say "it escalated quickly" :'D.I just couldn't stop myself, so all those gaudy pop art versions came into existence:Working with Illustrator is quite different to working with Photoshop.It's rather technical. Here are some more quick exercises I did:.. I think I am going to throw up rainbows from now on.

DESIGN - Remakes Brochure

Category:Digital Art - Original Art - DesignTime:half a yearTools:Adobe Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, InDesign CS5, Canon EOS 100DAs promised, here you can see the main project which I have been working on in my first semester.Based on the topic »pairs«, I created new interpretations of old drawings of mine.Extracts of my brochure »Remakes - Aus Alt mach Neu« from my first semester communication design:Example: I turned one old drawing into a renewed illustration for a CD-cover (whole CD-case-design included).

DIGITAL ART - Dragon Tattoo [Remake]

A drawing remake of a similar tattoo I did several years ago. This artwork was part of my first semester project where I designed a brochure depicting pairs of old drawings of mine and the new designs I created out of them.