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Manital presenta SPRING la nuova maniglia per porte e finestre

Le maniglie sono parte integrante e caratterizzante di porte e serramenti, la loro funzionalità è fondamentale così come il design che deve coniugarsi per forma, materiale e finiture allo stile dell’ambiente in cui sono inserite. Per spazi moderni, sia residenziali sia pubblici, Manital ha studiato insieme ai designer Mario Mazzer e Giovanni Crosera, la nuova […]

Interstellar Dining Table by Resident Studio

Resident has tapped in to Aucklands highly skilled boat building industry to produce unique lighting and furniture products out of the wonderous composite material, Carbon Fibre. The direction first started with the Fibre Lights by Jamie McLellan. Released in 2013, these feature pendants are manufactured from wafer thin woven material. On this design, radiating carbon […]

Feltmark: Mast Candleholder

Architecturally atmospheric & quietly monumental, Mast is an understanding of tradition and industrial craftsmanship. Mathematically calculated, precise geometry is imbued with the human hand that lends a character of fragility, harmonizing contrasting materials of brass and wax. Formed from raw brass sheets, sculptural volumes are shaped with incredible accuracy. Each piece becomes unique and slowly […]

Mag by Alessandro di Prisco

Alessandro di Prisco designed Mag, a storage container or waste paper basket made from integral polyurethane for Geelli. Visit Alessandro’s site to check out his other great projects.

B.lux: The Aspen and Tree Series lamps, key elements at a Munich Art Gallery exhibition

The German designer Werner Aisslinger, a regular collaborator with B.lux, is the man behind the “House of Wonders” exhibition at Munich’s Modern Art Gallery. The exhibit features a recreation of a utopian, three-dimensional home space evoking futuristic ideas about living. The Aspen and Tree Series lamps, both designed by Werner Aisslinger for the manufacturer B.lux, […]

Daniel Danger – tiny media empire

Check out the amazing works of Daniel Danger: tiny media empire.