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Archdiocese of Zagreb forbids Cardinal Burke the Old Latin Mass

Cardinal Raymond Burke will be in Croatia until Wednesday to present his book on the Eucharist, that has just appeared in Croatian. Tomorrow evening he will give a keynote speech at the conference "Tradfest" in Zagreb. His topic is „The Gospel of Life and a New Evangelization“. "Tradfest" describes itself as “an unapologetic festival of traditional and conservative ideas in contrast to so called ‘progressive’ and militant secularist ideas and policies“. Tomorrow at 5 pm Cardinal Burke was supposed to celebrate the Old Latin Mass in the small church St. Martin near the Cathedral of Zagreb. The Low Mass has been “cancelled or prohibited“, as the Blog “tomablizanac” reports. Traditional Catholics in Croatia told, that the Old Latin Mass was forbidden by the Archdiocese of Zagreb.

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You l'be a Missionary

Mk 16,15: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."

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Trump action figure.

Hillary's Pope: Francis Praised at Al Smith Dinner

This RTV Short shows the notorious pro-abort Hillary Clinton dedicating her concluding remarks at this year's Al Smith Dinner in New York to fulsome praise of Pope Francis. How and why does Planned-Parenthood-supporting Clinton find a friend and ally in our pope? What in heaven's name is going on!