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UK government loses Gina Miller Brexit vote appeal

A majority of eight to three of the Supreme Court judges has found in favour of Gina Miller’s (pictured) campaign that the UK Government cannot trigger Article 50 to begin the formal process of leaving the European Union without an Act of Parliament. read more

Hedge funds beat stocks and bonds on a risk-adjusted basis in 2016

Hedge funds outperformed equities and bonds on a risk-adjusted basis in 2016, producing net gains for their investors worth around USD120 billion, according to the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) and data provider Preqin. read more

FundRock to acquire Fund Partners

Professional Partners Administration has reached an agreement to sell its authorised corporate director (ACD) operation, Fund Partners, to independent Luxembourg-based fund management company FundRock Management Company. read more

Hedge funds see largest annual increase since 2014

HFR’s latest report finds that total hedge fund industry capital rose for the third consecutive quarter, surpassing the USD3 trillion milestone for the first time. read more

Citigroup to pay USD25m to settle Treasury futures spoofing charges

Citigroup is to pay USD25 million to settle CFTC charges against for spoofing – bidding or offering with the intent to cancel the bid or offer before execution — in US Treasury futures markets and failed to diligently supervise the activities of its employees and agents. read more

Hedge fund returns reach three-year high in 2016, says Preqin

The Preqin All-Strategies Hedge Fund benchmark posted returns of 7.40 per cent in 2016, marking the best performance year for the industry since 2013 and more than tripling the 2.03 per cent gain made through 2015. read more