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Berlin Based Urban Exploring, Lost Places and Abandoned Berlin Photography
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The Abandoned Helicopter

Wedged between some trees in a little forrest stands a stripped Soviet helicopter. A Mil Mi-8 to be exact. As rumors have it, the Mil Mi-8 was pushed as a project after Nikita Khrushchev was so impressed by a flight he took  in the American Presidential helicopter (a Sikorsky  S-58) in September 1959. Production for several variants of […] The post The Abandoned Helicopter appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

The Jungle Hospital

When it comes to abandoned structures, it always struck me as odd why cities let Hospitals go to waste. Industries come and go (especially in East Germany), but everybody needs a Hospital right? Berlin has its fair share of abandoned childrens hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums – but the Jungle Hospital seems to have evaded the mainstream […] The post The Jungle Hospital appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

Schwimmhalle Pankow

It seems like nobody likes to go swimming anymore these days. Or at least one gets that impression when looking at the amount of abandoned swimming pools Berlin has. The city has no money to repair them – and despite the historic and architectural value, most of them remain closed for the foreseeable future. It […] The post Schwimmhalle Pankow appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

Tonnara del Secco – The Sicilian Tuna Fishery

Sicily – an explorers dream. Stunning landscapes, beautiful coastlines with crystal clear water and lots of abandoned villages and factories. Just a short walk from one of Sicily’s most stunning beaches – san vito lo capo – lies a historic (and abandoned) reminder of the islands  predominant industry. Sicily once was a powerhouse when it […] The post Tonnara del Secco – The Sicilian Tuna Fishery appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

The White Castle

Built in 1873 by one of the richest Germans of the Bismarck era – the White Castle was one of the only buildings in northern Germany at the time to be built out of massive sandstone, granite and real marble. Costing over 4 million Goldmark (something around 39 Million euros), the castle was 2 stories […] The post The White Castle appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

Stompie – Londons Soviet Tank

What to do in London when you’ve virtually seen everything? You go out looking for the obscure and weird. And it doesn’t get more weird than looking for an old Soviet T34 Tank in South London. So whats the story behind this soviet relic affectionately nicknamed Stompie (and often misspelled Stompy) parked on a vacant […] The post Stompie – Londons Soviet Tank appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.