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Berlin Based Urban Exploring, Lost Places and Abandoned Berlin Photography
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The Wernerbad

The Wernerbad was Berlins oldest (abandoned) open air swimming pool. The term Swimmingpool might be a bit of a glorification as the origins of the Wernerbad are a kettle pond – a pond that’s formed by the water of a melting glacier. The history of the pool dates back to when a rather wealthy man […] The post The Wernerbad appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

The Abandoned Children’s Home

Hidden in a small overgrowth in a luxurious suburb of Berlin lie the ruins of an abandoned villa. Built at the turn of the of the 19th Century, the luxurious villa was just one of many in this sleepy part of Berlin.  While its inhabitants – and their neighbors enjoyed a gilded lifestyle, all that […] The post The Abandoned Children’s Home appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

The Nail Factory

Founded in 1867, the now abandoned factory specialized in manufacturing horse shoe nails. In 1871, the owners decided to relocate the factory to a new production site as they had developed a machine that allowed for a far more cost-effective and efficient production of nails (which had up until this point in time still been forged […] The post The Nail Factory appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

Berlins Abandoned Boeing 707

Berlin and its Airports – a never-ending saga. First they killed of Berlins most central Airport, Tempelhof in 2008, then they wanted to expand Schönefeld and close down Tegel in 2011. While closing down Tempelhof gave Berlin its “Abandoned Airport Park” , everyone knows how the whole Schönefeld/Tegel saga went. Tegel – now Berlins favorite […] The post Berlins Abandoned Boeing 707 appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

The Abandoned Helicopter

Wedged between some trees in a little forrest stands a stripped Soviet helicopter. A Mil Mi-8 to be exact. As rumors have it, the Mil Mi-8 was pushed as a project after Nikita Khrushchev was so impressed by a flight he took  in the American Presidential helicopter (a Sikorsky  S-58) in September 1959. Production for several variants of […] The post The Abandoned Helicopter appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.

The Jungle Hospital

When it comes to abandoned structures, it always struck me as odd why cities let Hospitals go to waste. Industries come and go (especially in East Germany), but everybody needs a Hospital right? Berlin has its fair share of abandoned childrens hospitals, clinics and sanatoriums – but the Jungle Hospital seems to have evaded the mainstream […] The post The Jungle Hospital appeared first on Digital Cosmonaut.